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The purpose of this document is to provide public and internal clarity regarding Xi Delta Theta Sorority’s official policy against hazing. The policy has been established for the protection and fair treatment of all current and future members of the organization. This document will also outline the appropriate channels through which to report any actions or behaviours that do not align with Xi Delta Theta’s anti-hazing policy and culture.


Frequently Used Terms


Hazing: Hazing is any action taken or any situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule and risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of a group or team, whether new or not, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.


Member: Any individual initiated by the sorority and has an active role number, no matter their current status (active, inactive, various alumna types). An example of an individual without an active role number would be any sister who has withdrawn their membership or who has had their membership withdrawn.


New Member: An individual who has accepted a bid but who is not yet a member of the chapter.


Potential New Member: An individual who has attended one or more sorority rush events, but has not yet been offered a bid.


Civil/Criminal Charges: Offence(s) bestowed upon an individual or individuals and prosecuted by the state (criminal charges) or by an individual exercising their legal right to settle a dispute (civil lawsuit).


Anti-Hazing Culture: The active promotion of anti-hazing ideals, preventative measures, actions and behaviours promoted and enacted by the sorority to provide a safe space for anti-hazing conversations and the active improvement of the sorority's official anti-hazing policy and actions to uphold it.


Silent Bystander: An individual who witnesses or is made aware of a hazing incident but does not report it.


Article 1- General


It is the responsibility of each individual member of Xi Delta Theta Sorority to provide a safe environment for all current and future members of the organization. The monitoring, prevention and elimination of hazing is both an individual and collective responsibility of the members and the Chapter’s Executive Council, overseen by the National Board.


Article 2- Anti-Hazing


This policy serves as a notice to all existing and new members that Xi Delta Theta Sorority does not consent to, condone, acquiesce in, or tolerate mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical hazing, including, but not limited to, rush, pre-initiation and/or unofficial activities (activities not approved by the Executive Council); paddling; beating; slapping; blindfolding without consent; pushing; depriving of sleep; pulling on clothes; pulling one’s hair; requiring the consumption of alcohol or drugs; forcing or requiring the consumption of food or liquids; yelling; humiliating; harassing; belittling; cursing; any morally degrading, illegal, or indecent action; any action violating the University or College’s rules and regulations; requiring applicants/new members to perform a member’s homework or housework, or to “run errands.” This list is not exhaustive; any other activity that could cause emotional or physical harm, which aligns with the definition of hazing, will not be condoned and will be met with consequences deemed appropriate by the necessary authorities, be it on a Chapter, Board, or judicial level. Thus, to become a member of Xi Delta Theta, no new member or potential new member will be asked, instructed, coerced, or forced to partake in any of the above activities.


No chapter or individual member is authorized to supplement, modify or override this policy without the proposed amendments being raised to the National Board and presented to all chapters for a vote (this includes chapter by-laws). Any amendments proposed must not violate any International, National, Provincial, Municipal laws or regulations of the associated Universities or Colleges at with the sorority has a chapter or potential new chapter. A two-thirds (⅔) vote of all representatives must pass to modify this policy, which must then be updated across external social media and in any documentation.


Article 3- Reporting


Should any member or new member witness any acts, behaviours or attitudes contrary to this policy, they are required to notify a member of their Executive Committee or National Board for further investigation. Should the allegations prove accurate or provide a reason for concern that there is potential for a breach in policy, any member whose actions and/or attitudes that are not in compliance with this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee or National Board, which may result in probation or termination of membership.


Reports shall be made in the following order: to a Judiciary Member, the Chapter Vice President, the Chapter President, the Chapter Advisor(s), the National Vice President and the National President. Any member and new member who witnesses hazing has a duty and a right to report. All hazing reports must contain sufficient detail regarding the individuals accused, the individuals affected, and as many details about the incident that can be provided such as date, time, and location, direct quotes and the nature of the incident. If the reporting member, new member, or potential new member does not receive a positive response from the individual they have reported to, they should immediately escalate the report to the next level or may contact the National Vice President and the National President directly.


Article 4- Disciplinary Action


Xi Delta Theta shall impose sanctions upon any members, new members, chapters and potential new chapters who are involved in any form of hazing, including being aware of but not reporting hazing or suspicions of hazing (silent bystander), will be subject to disciplinary action. The severity of the disciplinary action imposed upon potential new chapters, chapters, members, and new members will be dependant on the nature of the violation and any prior history of violations. Any discipline decided upon by the Executive Committee or National Board must also comply with this anti-hazing policy.


The range of sanctions for chapters includes any one (1) of the following:


  • Denial of the right to recruit new members

  • Suspension of the chapter for a set period of time

  • Revocation of the chapter charter

  • Monetary fine


The range of sanctions for individual members includes any one (1) of the following:


  • Suspension, which includes the denial of the right to participate in any official Xi Delta Theta events or activities on a local or national level, the right to vote, and the right to wear sorority paraphernalia during the suspension period.

  • Expulsion, which means that the sorority has revoked the membership and associated privileges such as the right to participate in any official Xi Delta Theta events or activities on a local or national level, the right to vote, and the right to wear or own sorority paraphernalia.

  • Monetary fine.


The sanction for new members or potential new members includes the following:


  • Denial of membership to Xi Delta Theta.


Any individual(s) who has not abided by the sorority’s Anti-Hazing Policy may also be subject to disciplinary measures taken by the University or College in which they attend and may be liable for civil and /or criminal charges. Xi Delta Theta will not defend any member who is charged with hazing.

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